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My name is Erik Franken. I'm a 32 year old artist from the Netherlands, currently trying to master my painting skills. I mostly paint in oil paints, but also occassionally use watercolours or acrylics. Recently I've also began to accept commissions and have started selling my art. I suppose this would technically make me a professional painter, but I consider myself a hobbyist painter with much to learn. I get inspired by and look up to painters like Nathan Fowkes, James Gurney and Casey Baugh. Their implementation of lighting in their works is amazing. Apart from those artists I also very much like the art of a group of artists often referred to as the old masters. I like painters like Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Francisco Goya best, but their work is also a good indication of my long term goal of improving my art. Their high realism and life-like paintings in terms of colour and lighting are a truly big inspiration to me. Of course more recent artists like John Singer Sargent and Anders Zorn also come to mind. Their almost economic brushwork with a very realistic result is generally very impressive to me. 


I am also in the process of making more art related video content for my Youtube channel. My channel currently features a few time-lapse videos that provides an insight in my painting process.

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