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Want a portrait commission or a pet portrait commission done? Or any kind of other custom art? Feel free to contact me using the form below:

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Price list for commissions:


Size                                      Subject           Deadline         Cost

small (x cm x cm)         portrait/still life       2-3 weeks       -- euros

medium (x cm x cm)    portrait/still life          3-4 weeks       -- euros

large (x cm x cm)           portrait                       4 weeks           -- euros

very large (x cm x cm)    portrait                        5 weeks           -- euros


Terms of services:

A decent photograph is required for a portrait commission. It's useful to have at least three photographs of the person or pet, including normal lighting in order to achieve best results. It should go without saying, but it's important to realise it's nigh impossible to paint your pet with accurate colours and shapes when the photograph supplied is overexposed. Photographs can be touched up digitally a little bit, but in such cases negotiation is required.

Custom sizes might be available upon request. In case of multiple portraits on a single canvas, cost might increase based upon estimated additional time of completion. This will be determined based upon the photograph supplied, the requests of the client and will be made known before the painting itself starts. 

Deadline time is an estimate, depending on the subject matter(s), method of painting and medium. A realistic deadline will be determined before the actual painting starts. A 15% fee is required before the actual painting starts and a full payment is required before delivery of the final painting. Because this is custom art there are unfortunately no refunds possible, however I'm definitely always open to suggestions should someone be unhappy with the results or have additional requests. Depending on the additional effort or material cost required, this might not always be free or possible within the original deadline. Customer satisfaction is my number one priority, so I'm sure in such cases we can work something out.

My preferred method of (oil) painting is wet-into-wet, which is generally a fairly fast method. However, for a more brilliant colour it's possible to request a portrait that's done using a glazing method. This requires the painting to dry inbetween layers, so needless to say a different time of completion generally applies. Depending on the amount of layers such glazing can take months instead of weeks, which would increase both quality and cost. Also please kindly take in mind the subject matter for a commission does not matter too much in terms of cost or time, however in general getting a good likeness for a person or pet will take more time than accurately drawing say a boat or some kind of still-life. As a result it could be a familiy portrait with two or three people in them will take three times as long as a realistic painting of a single boat in the same overall size.

Shipping cost depends on size and country. The art will be shipped from the Amsterdam area in the Netherlands. There might be a possibility to pick up the artwork from my studio upon request.